Should Homeowners Fix There Roof Before Selling Their Home?

Should Homeowners Fix Their Roof Before Selling Their Home? If a homeowner is planning on selling their house soon but it needs a roof repair or replacement, should they do it? Of course you want the job, but a good contractor should offer honest advice to homeowners on the repairs that are worth doing and what should be negotiated in a house sale. Here are some facts to share with your homeowners to help them make a wise decision. If the roof has a huge hole and is causing a serious leak, a homeowner needs to bite the bullet and do the fix. Reiterate the fact that if they don’t make major house repairs, they’ll may get less money for their home—or may even have trouble selling it. Plus, a r

How Hail Affects Your Roof

How Hail Affects Your Roof Weather can be unpredictable, and turbulent weather—especially hail—can damage shingles. Contractors should explain to homeowners how hail can affect shingles and what they should watch out for. A manufacturer’s warranty typically will not cover damage to your roof caused by hail, however you should review the details of the warranty covering your shingles in order to determine whether any such coverage is available. Here are some answers to common questions regarding hail damage. Is damage immediately noticeable? Not always. Hail impact may cause latent damage that can, over time, result in premature aging of the shingles. Without obvious visual damage, there is

4 Ways To Help You Choose The Right Shingle Color

4 Ways to Help You Choose the Right Shingle Color Homeowners don’t buy roofs often, so choosing the right color is very important to get right the first time. The shingle color has to work with their house and style, complement the neighborhood, and take into consideration any other preferences the homeowner may have. Here are some tips to share with your homeowners to help them consider the best possible color for their next roof. Match to your house. Take a look at your house’s style—do you have bricks or siding? Is your home painted? Is the style traditional or modern? Take a look at the GAF Style Guide with HGTV HOME Director of Design, Nancy Fire, to get inspiration and ideas for colors

The Microscopic Pest That Can Ruin Your Roof.

Meet the Microscopic Pest that Leaves a Giant Mess: Blue-Green Algae If you drive down virtually any residential street in the U.S. or Canada, there’s a chance you’ll see at least one roof stained with black or dark brown streaks. Many homeowners mistake these stains for mold, mildew, moss, or even tree sap. They’re often actually caused by tiny bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma, AKA “blue-green algae.” When you see the dark stains, you’re looking not at the algae, but at the hard, dark coating it generates to protects itself from damaging UV rays. Gloeocapsa magma travels on the wind — which means if your neighbor has it, your roof has probably been exposed as well. It thrives in moist envir

Key Signs Of A Failing Roof

1. A leak in the attic. After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking. Ice damming can also cause water to enter the house if you don’t have an adequate shingle underlayment or if the flashing (the aluminum or steel used over roof joints, like chimneys and pipes) has deteriorated. 2. Blistering or peeling interior or exterior paint. When paint starts to peel of f, the cause is likely trapped moisture in the house due to excessive temperature or high humidity from poor attic ventilation. The air in the attic needs to flow freely from the soffit to the ridge to reduce humidity. Make sure there is a vent in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Dryers

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