Our Story

Smith’s Home Services has been serving the Niagara Region Since 1995, providing extraordinary service to homeowners around Niagara. With over 20 years in exterior and interior renovations, Smith’s has become one of the most recognized companies in the Niagara region. At Smith's, we strive to set the bar higher in quality and customer satisfaction. 

Our Specialist

Reg Smith: Owner & Founder


Founder by Reg Smith in 1995, Reg has been in the skill trades for over 30 years. Applying his extensive knowledge to solve homeowner’s problems and concerns. Reg’s main priority is to provide clean and excellent service, while providing knowledge to you; the homeowner.


Norm Stup: Project Coordinator


Norm has been in the industry for nearly two decades. Sharing the same passion of what Smith’s is known for. Norm has developed a strong knowledge of the industry and the business. Norm continues to be there for you, the homeowner, and take you every step of the way.

Pete Stup: Lead Skilled Carpenter


Pete has been in the industry for close to 30 years and has had a hand in every part of building and renovating a home. From increasing your homes curb appeal to turning your backyard into a place you could call a vacation, Pete will make your design dreams come true.

Trusted by Insurance Companies for over 20 years

15 Year Quality Workmanship Warranty

Our technicians are trained to provide the highest quality of expertise for your home. That's why we  provide a 15 year quality Workmanship Warranty with every service we provide.